1. Home

a. Winter Driving Safety Tips
b. Road Maintenance & Plowing

c. Current Events
d. Bids & Proposals
e. About Us

1.) 2010 Census Home.pdf

2. Forms & Fees

a. Fee Schedules

  • Pay Fees Online
  • b. Bazaar-Fair & Festival Permits

    c. Building Permits

    1.) Bureau of Veritas

    d. Burning Permits

    e. Change of Use

    f. Emergency Alarm Permit

    g. Lawn-Yard-Garage & Tag Sale Permit

    h. Road Permits

    1.) For Driveways
    2.) Utility Road Cut
    3.) Highway Occupancy Permits

    i. Request for Hearing

    j. Transient Retail Merchant

    k. Zoning Application

    3. Planning

    a. Land Development

    1.) Plans & Information

    b. Regional Comprehensive Plan

    c. Projects

    d. PENNDOT

    e. DEP Permits

    4. Emergency Management & Services

    a. Emergency Management
    b. Fire Departments

    1.) Tobyhanna Township Volunteer Fire Company
    2.) Pocono Summit Volunteer Fire Company

    c. Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department
    d. Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services

    5. Boards & Commissions

    a. Board of Supervisors

    1.) Members/Terms
    2.) Meeting Schedules/Minutes

    b. Board of Auditors

    1.) Members/Terms

    c. Planning Commission

    1.) Members/Terms
    2.) Meeting Schedule/Minutes

    d. Zoning Hearing Board

    1.) Members/Terms

    e. Other Elected Officials

    1.) Rep. Matthew Cartwright
    2.) Rep. Jack Rader, JR.
    3.) Sen. Mario M. Scavello

    6. Communities, Parks & Recreations

    a. Associations & Developments

    b. Parks

    1.) Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area
    2.) Blanche D. Price Park
    3.) Keiper Park
    4.) Locust Ridge Ball Field
    5.) Ballparks

    6.) Pocono Mountain West Little League

    c. Open Space

    7. Office Directions

    8. Contact Directory

    9. Municipal Code

    10. Open Records

    a. Open Records Officer
    b. Township Open Records Policies
    c. Right To Know Request Form
    d. PA Office of Open Records

    11. Notices

    a. Public Notices
    b. Miscellaneous Notices
    c. Employment

    12. Finances

    a. Annual Budget
    b. Financial Statement & Audit
    c. Info

    13. Tax Collector

    a. Property Tax Q & A
    b. Earned Income Taxes & Local Services Tax

    1.) Send 2011 Taxes or Prior
    2.) Send 2012 Taxes or Forward
    3.) PSD (Political Subdivision Codes) Forms

    c. Property Taxes

    1.) Linda Woehrle

    d. County Tax Assessment Change of Address

    14. Maps

    a. Future Land Use Map
    b. 911 Readdressing Old & New Roads

    15. Sewage

    a. Maureen Minnick- Sewage Enforcement Officer
    b. Onlot Sewage

    1.) Onlot Septic System Care
    2.) Home Buyer's - Builders Guide

    c. Blakeslee Sewer

    1.) Sewer News

    16. Flood Plain Management

    17. Recycle & Trash Disposal

    a. Recycle
    b. Trash Disposal
    c. Transfer Station
    d. Monroe County Waste Authority
    f. Locations for Drop Off-Recycling Containers
    g. Deer Carcass Removal

    18. Holiday Schedule --Township Offices Will Be Closed

    19. Clymer Library

    20. Complaint Policy

    21. Fish Commission

    22. Fishing/Hunting: Licenses & Permits

    23. Game Commission

    24. Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce

    25. Historical Association of Tobyhanna Township

    26. Medical: Hospitals

    27. Newspapers

    28. Outdoor Burning

    29. Pocono Mountain Vacation Bureau

    30. Senior Information

    31. Sitemap

    32. Transportation

    33. Wildlife Trapping/Removal

    34. General Information

    35. Links & Resources

    a. Resources
    b. Township Business Links

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